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My services

Listening to your leadership needs

Qualitive data analyst

Organized structure
Homo Numericus

To know you

To understand your motivations

To qualify your organization

Identify your priorities

Validate your main need

Search for organizational data

Collect and convert into usable data

Analyze and sort this data

Identify critical points

Synthesize and propose recommendations

DALL·E 2023-10-08 15.43.26 - une image numérique avec du bleu, du vert et une main qui rep

Organizational supports

Analyze, build or improve des processes

Adapt your commercial strategy

Establish goals and indicators

Support interviews preparation

 Provide tools or methods for change management

At what price ?


Contact me


I will call you within 48 hours


I listen to you and i identify your need


I propose an action plan for you


I am giving you a quote

To contact me

Your profits

Projects launchedpiloted and carried out

An additional resource

reinforcement of skills

Pragmatic solutions 

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