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Challenges for leaders

7 challenges in the role of leadership


Why undertake?

Purpose and values



My course


Inspirational Quotes

Reference books

The manager is in a regular “rush” between different issueshuman resources, strategic, operational, technical, commercial, marketing, communication, support and after-sales service, information system, legal, external relations, search for financing, etc.

He must embody your integrity and his humanity by representing also authority on an organizational framework and the purpose of its business.


His own behaviours and his consistency are constantly put to a test in its management. This management must adapt to new generations and to previous generations in the same team. This requires a constant energy of the leader and managers for embark the teams, the federate in a culture of commitment collective and individual defined.

The new generations request a frame work clear and flexible, autonomy well-rounded in the work, priorities, of the supports to their talents and preventive actions and continue around the well-being.

Challenges for leaders

7 difficulties

Feeling of being “lost” between several priorities or issues

Hesitations between certain arbitrations

Questions on the levers to activate, the means to invest or the time frames to achieve the objectives

Need for reassurance or adjustment of vision on certain axes

Absence identification solution "inside"

Benefit from an external opinion complementary to that of decision-making or managerial relays

Identification of support needs without knowing where to start

Why undertake?

Support the leaders to embody the balance between efficiency and sustainability

Facilitate the achievement of organizations results

Strengthen the Human Resources and the Management

Consolidate the Information Systems

These are 3 pivots of consistency organizations

Replace the business as a key place of personal development

Please me radiating the best of my skills

Generate more impact and societal balance

Purpose and values

Conciliate development human and business performance

Will, Integrity, Serenity, Audacity, Generosity, Balance


Supporting organizations, leaders and teams in their internal development or transformations,

managerial, digital, or Human Ressources, to optimize their performance

My journey

I traveled the roads and agricultural farms for almost 14 years for the digital solutions publisher ISAGRI, as commercial then manager of sales teams and partners (independents, accountants, cooperatives...). The human relations fascinated me just like looking for solutions to facilitate the employees flourishing at the same time as their business development.

Then, I challenged myself by joining FIDUCIAL IT in the hairdressing and TPE market with a main mission of building a business unit bringing together different service managers with a common goal, in the context of writing new hairdressing software, in partnership with the Provalliance group by Franck Provost.

I then joined as Director of Operations, the ambition of DOREMI, a Social and Solidarity Economy startup seeking to scale up efficient renovations of individual houses, as part of the energetic transition.

Finally, I made a quick but enlightening passage in the recruitment agency Linking Talents who clarified my project to create my own consulting business.


​Our world and our societies are changing. In my opinion, each of us is a solution to make them evolve. Each individual has talents and reveals them by fulfilling himself in a profession that pleases him and makes him sense to his eyes.

I love business spirit, in moments of pleasure shared as a team as well as in moments of effort to achieve a goal. I believe in collective commitment and individual.

I aspire to more sobriety, of equity and of respect for the environment and I personally contribute to it.

I act to facilitate balanced development and efficient companies.

I am said to be that I am a person authenticreliable and pragmatic. I am also at listen from others, curious and optimistic.

Inspirational Quotes

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” -Antoine Lavoisier

“The only prison is fear and the only true freedom is freedom from fear” -Aung San Suu Kyi

"The only thing we can decide is what to do with the times assigned to us" -J.R.R. Tolkien

“Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality”-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Reference books

"Telling the truth in business" -Jean-Jacques Montlahuc

“Manage through balance” -Jerome Ballarin

“Feeding humanity” –Bruno Parmentier

"The four Toltec agreements and the 5th Toltec agreement" -Don Miguel Ruiz

"Optimistic" -Alain Braconnier

"Words are windows (or are walls)" -Marshall Rosenberg

"How I managed to swim the butterfly with one arm without going in circles" -Charles Rozoy

“Leader” -Roger Frison Roche

“Zero latitude, conqueror of the impossible, wanting to touch the stars” -Mike Horn

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